this is me. raw and embracing me.

this is me. raw and embracing me.



My name is Patricia Cannon and I have been a professional photographersince 2011. I started with birth. Shortly after I learned to shoot a friend asked me to shoot her birth. I was hooked. I loved the rush and the power women have working with their body. Our bodies are so freaking amazing! We can make, deliver and sustain life from our bodies. How awesome is that? I started shooting boudoir in 2016 and I love it the same way. I love watching women come into my studio feeling scared and unsure and after I show them one image on the back of my camera they start to feel confident and by the middle of the session they are a totally different person all together and they leave a goddess!!

I live in South Tampa with my wife of 25 yrs and our identical twin daughters born on halloween of 2007 and I cannot wait to show you how beautiful you are!!

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